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doing more
with less

Tight budgets lead to greater scrutiny, but few firms have in place a system to evaluate their external market research purchases or the subsequent operations that align business intelligence with strategy.

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the Elusive
concept of ROI

What cannot be measured often does not get managed. As a result, the true value of a firm’s investments in market research publications and databases is not quantified, nor is a firm’s processes and workflow evaluated to turn data and information into knowledge and action.

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limited time
and expertise


While savvy firms inherently recognize the powerful gains achieved from aligning these connections, constraints of time and available expertise have muted their call to action.

The stakes are high

All parts of a firm’s internal ecosystem must work in concert to shape a clear business strategy. This means not only having on board the right roster of external market intelligence vendors—research firms, databases, advisory firms—but also having in place a structure, process and appreciation to convert it into firm-specific business intelligence for strategists’ informed decision-making.   

Verge Advisory's pioneering study into the use and value of external market intelligence providers brings transparency to this critical segment of the asset management industry that has never been explored. Measuring Return on Business Intelligence: A New Era of Research and Data Provider Usage introduces a framework for assessing return on business intelligence (ROBI)—the overall value firms are receiving in return for their total spending on external research and data providers.

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New Study:One-Third of Market Intelligence Bought by Asset Management Firms is wasted

the verge advisory approach


Evaluate the current roster
of external market research resources and analyze by effectiveness, usage rate
and cost.


Engage directly with internal stakeholders to discover strengths, weaknesses and
gaps in current market intelligence resources.


Deliver a customized market intelligence scorecard and identify opportunities for maximum alignment with
your business strategy.

The process starts with an audit of the vendors supporting your global asset gathering needs where we’ll learn how much or little your firm leans on specific vendors and which ones help staffers do their jobs most effectively. Vendor recommendations will be made to renew, cancel or place on watch. Next, your research team’s operational processes, both formal and informal, will be examined to further unlock capabilities to benefit your organization. Finally, valuable insights and measurable output from your senior strategists responsible for customer, product, marketing and channel will be incorporated into findings.

Verge Advisory’s dynamic approach ensures impactful recommendations to benchmark and improve your firm’s ROBI (Return on Business Intelligence). At each step throughout our quantitative and qualitative process we gather valuable insights about your firm’s business intelligence profile from key groups to benchmark it internally and provide a foundation for improvement.

Andrew Guillette

Verge Advisory is led by Andrew Guillette, a 30-year veteran who understands the issues and opportunities facing both the demand and supply side of asset management market research. His career spans leadership roles as both a Research Practitioner at multiple fund companies, including Fidelity, John Hancock and Columbia. He was also responsible for building operations at research providers Cerulli Associates and Strategic Insight, both of which serve the global asset management marketplace. This level of expertise combines to give clients a wealth of knowledge, industry contacts and objectivity otherwise unavailable today in the marketplace and provides clients with the tools needed to increase their ROBI (Return on Business Intelligence).

Kevin thornton

Kevin Thornton is a seasoned financial services industry executive with nearly 30 years of experience in the area of information technology, primarily as a service provider to the asset management and investment banking markets. This experience includes serving as managing director at Morningstar and Standard & Poor’s, where he met the data-driven needs of mutual funds, hedge funds, institutional managers and wealth advisors. He has a keen understanding of the challenges facing both buyers and providers in the global fund data and tech space, as well as the opportunities to manage costly service provider relationships for maximum value and effectiveness.

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